Playing It Straight

creative caravan!

$1500 MASSIVE one bedroom w/ VIEW **PIN-DROP QUIET** in the heart of TRENDY Nolita, TONS of light, LAUNDRY in UNIT, Dishwasher & Disposal — LIVE WITH CELEBRITIES!!!!!  ****NO FEE****

If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Find what you want without getting scammed (never ever wire money to a stranger) at Caravan, the new Craigslist for creative types.

How, you ask? Users must register and be approved before they are allowed to use the site. If there’s any doubt, membership is paused. And if the person doesn’t query why his/her access hasn’t been activated, he/she gets deleted. (It’s a cruel world, people.)

Once you get the green light, go ahead and list or search for sublets and housing swaps all over the world with nary a slimy real estate agent in sight. In the coming months, you’ll be able to find dates, jobs, and office space.

True dat.

Available online at creativecaravan.net.

Photo: Tomas  Fáno / Flickr