I See London, I See France

prism london!
Photos: Courtesy Prism London

You’re not one to make a spectacle of yourself.

Leave that to Prism, the line of eyewear from across the pond that is finally available to Americans. The glasses succeed in that tough field of being fashionable without irony or overkill.

Accessorize your peepers with one of the five styles ranging from Rio, round and slightly oversize, to Rome, rectangular and wide, to Paris, small and circular. But what makes them most special are the unique frame color options — zebra horn, midnight blue, and crystal gray, among others.

The designs are all unisex and handmade in limited quantities in Italy. Of course, such craftsmanship is going to cost you (about $345 to be exact).

A small price to pay for all eyes on you.

Available online at

Photo: Courtesy of Prism London