Tie One On

timo weiland!

And they’re off!

Out of the gate it’s Bowtie Bib leading the way. This is no surprise ladies and gentlemen, with his large size and luxurious materials like leather and satin, this one has a chance of becoming the champion of the Avant-Garde Unisex Neckwear Race.

Oh wait! Western Tie is coming up fast. That sleek stature and narrow size works to his advantage, but this one doesn’t go unnoticed, people. With a little hint of country, he’s got serious kitsch factor.

But out of nowhere it’s Sixties Tie. He’s known for flying under the radar until he’s ready to pack a punch, and then loopty loo and pow! Statement made.

Draped Collar was struggling to get traction, but he’s making some serious headway. It’s go big or go home for this one.

Uh oh, here come Ascot Scarf and Classic Bow. There’s no clear winner here.

They’re neck and neck! 

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Photo: Courtesy of Timo Weiland