The Weekend Guide

box & flea!
Photos: Courtesy of Mikael Kennedy

In celebration of Gwen Stefani’s birthday this weekend, go b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Box & Flea

What: Brooklyn-based duo hand-makes super-cool bandanas that’ll last forever. Choose from nine designs (swallows, hearts, flowers), all available in four colors.
Why: Better than a fleabag.
Where: Online at

Unforeseen Circumstances
What: Vintage-inspired undies are made of soft, silky fabrics and most of ’em have a sheer backside (ohh la la).
Why: Always be prepared.
Where: Online at

Puzzle Piece Serving Boards

What: Platters are made of sustainably harvested wood and easily split apart, so people can use the pieces as plates.
Why: Dance a merry jigsaw.
Where: Online at

Organic Lunch Box Snacks
Okay, so maybe they’re meant for kids, but we heart the healthy little yogurt-filled graham cracker sandwiches, whole-grain chips, and pureed fruits.
Why: Unleash your inner child.
Where: Online at

Her Fearful Symmetry

What: Audrey Niffenegger’s second novel follows 20-year-old twin sisters who’ve just been willed their aunt’s London apartment (and all the eccentric neighbors that come with it).
Why: It’s not empty flat-tery.
Where: Online at

Photo: Mikael Kennedy