The Weekend Guide

the 2 bandits riders!
Photos: Courtesy of The 2 Bandits

Expense yourself a new pair of boot accessories this weekend.

Right when we thought The 2 Bandits girls couldn’t be more genius, they made adjustable leather and chain boot harnesses. Just put ’em on at the base, and your boots take on a whole new look.
Why: They’re the spurs of the moment.
Where: Online at

Expense-a-Steak Headquarters
Enter a dollar amount and new site will generate legit-looking receipts that add up to it. Just add ’em to your expense report and voila.
Why: Stick it to the man.
Where: Online at

P.S. — I Made This …
Inspiring site shows you how to make your own version of the latest trends with easy-to-follow instructions.
Why: P.S. You really can DIY.
Where: Online at

Vapur Water Bottles
The handy containers can be flattened and folded when empty — so they’re super easy to transport and store.
Why: Tap into it.
Where: Online at

Power Trip
Whip-smart journalist-turned-author Amanda Little thinks she’s ecofriendly, but during a road trip across America, discovers she’s not doing squat for the energy crisis. You won’t believe what you read.
Why: It’s gonna take more than turning off the lights.
When: Online at

Photo: Courtesy of The 2 Bandits