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Where the Styled Things Are

where the wild things are!

The fearmongers love Halloween. The 1988 headline: Beware of razor blades in candy bars! In 2009: Excess candy consumption leads to a life of crime!

But what scares you every year is putting together an ensemble that will knock ’em dead.

We asked Where the Wild Things Are costume designer Casey Storm for tips on building a homemade costume box you can use year-round. So you’ll never have to be frightened again.

Get in Character
Don’t limit creativity. If they can imagine a character, it can be part of their repertoire. Begin with the basics — a monster, pirate, princess, scary animal, superhero — to build your costume confidence.

Make It a Family Affair
Boots from your closet work for pirates and superheroes (ditto old tights). Grandma’s fuzzy sweaters make an animal’s furry coat. Grandpa’s outdated specs with popped-out lenses say secret agent, Einstein, or Harry Potter. A vest from a three-piece suit is perfect for a cowboy, cowgirl, or genie. And load up on everyone’s hats. Because hats are cool.

Be Thrifty
Make it a date and hit garage sales with your wee ones for vintage fabrics and jewelry. Things that sparkle turn ordinary items (tees, pants, dresses) into something special.

Stay Close to Home
Old towels and bath sheets can be transformed into capes and cut into strips for armbands and headbands.

And remember, stuffed animals make the best sidekicks.

Where the Wild Things Are opens tomorrow. To find a theater near you, go to fandango.com.

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