Ramona the Pest

ramona west!
Photos: Courtesy of Ramona West

Ramona slammed the door to her room. With Yard Ape’s teasing about her shoes, it had been an awful day at school.

Someday, she thought as she stuck her tongue out at her cat, Picky-Picky, she wouldn’t have to wear ugly hand-me-downs.

Instead, she daydreamed, she would buy vintage items (the Quimbys were thrifty after all) and have a seamstress alter them just the way she wanted. That way they’d be as unique as she was.

As Ramona began to draw, the possibilities were endless: a floral-print minidress would get a sweet draped hemline; a calico skirt begged for a modern high waist; a safari dress just needed a nip and tuck.

Then she’d sell her work online for reasonable prices to everyone but her big sister.

That’d scare the beezus out of her.

Available online at shopramonawest.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Ramona West