Doodle Bug

pet doodles!
Photos: Courtesy of Lisa Marie Norton

When you doodle, it’s usually something shameful like your name with boy-of-moment’s last name. You know, just to see how it will look when you fetch the mail after you two are married with kids.

Lisa Marie Norton’s doodles have real-life inspiration.

The Michigan-based graphic designer creates noncutesy five-by-seven portraits of your dog, cat, bird, bunny, iguana, turtle, or snake. You supply her with photos; she takes pen to paper and then colors it in digitally. The depictions are modern, cartoony, and a little Japanesey.

At just $50, they’re a perfect sentimental gift for yourself or others.

Even if they’re not destined to be significant ones.

Available online at lmnoprint.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Marie Norton