Strap One On

pup to go!
Photos: Courtesy of Pup to Go

Hey, everybody. My name’s Precious Peanut McDoggle III. May I sniff your crotch?

[Can I have a treat?]

You may think it’s easy bein’ a dog, and all I need to be happy is a snack or two (apples, Pinkberry, bread, insect bits, etc.). Not true! Although I am famished.

[Can I have a treat?]

The truth is, when you leave, I go nuts. So might I suggest you buy a Pup to Go dog carrier? So I can come with you everywhere.

[Can I have a treat?]

Basically, it’s a durable, breathable backpack for your front with my head coming out the top and arm, leg, and tail holes on the sides. It’s machine washable, comfy for us both, and available in three sizes.

[Can I have a treat?]

Sure, people might mistake me for a big, furry human baby at first.

But wouldn’t that be a treat?

Available online at puptogo.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Pup to Go