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This Eating Is Called to Order


Leading special session of the UN (Undeniable Nibbles) General Assembly, Secretary-General Elsylee Colon (Rep. Elsylee Galetes Artesanals)

Elsylee: Welcome to this grand gathering of internationally inspired, all-natural artisan cookies. Let’s proceed with high-quality ingredient roll call.

Molokai: Recent volcanic-taste explosions have been attributed to drool-inducing Hawaiian macadamia Kahlúa macaroons.

Edinburgh: Amicable relations with our European counterparts have yielded the finest dark French cocoa for use in chocolate shortbread squares.

Sevilla: Excess demand for almond flour snowballs has been traced to an irresistible, hand-dusted coat of Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla sugar.

Papeete: An influx of roasted pecans and fresh-shaved coconut meringues has been considered a triumph by the gluten-free minority.

E: Sounds promising. We will do everything in our power to maintain supreme small-batch baking and made-to-order standards. Sweet success is within reach.

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Photo: Elsylee Colon