Hot Tomato

black tomato!

Travel dream No. 1: India. Now, pick cities. (Jaipur? Udaipur?) Find driver. Arrange elephant ride. And sunrise mountain picnic. Mmmkay. Maybe you’ll just go to your mom’s.

Travel dream No. 2: It’s Wednesday. Your boss tore you a new one. Sure would be nice to call in sick from a beach in Mexico Friday morning.

If only? Impossible? Nope. We’re making it easier to get outta town: We just launched a partnership with Black Tomato, the travel company for the way we (that means you) travel — in totally customized trips.

Why do this? Well, someone needs to take you from A (you know where you want to go) to B (you can’t deal with the arrangements).

Why Black Tomato? You pretty much suggested it. When we published its Insider’s Guide to Indonesia last year, so many of you booked with BT — and kept booking — it’s a wonder you got any work done in 2009.

What’s in it for DailyCandy subscribers? A dedicated travel desk a call or e-mail away. Personalized service. Custom trips. And sweet extras like a free night at a hotel (or that sunrise picnic).

We’ll keep doing what we do here at DailyCandy Travel: hitting the road and reporting on the destinations we think you’ll love. Only now we’re making it easier for your getaways to happen.

Your wish, our command.

Available online at blacktomato.co.uk.