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Waddle, Waddle

post-thanksgiving playlist!

Ooof. Are you feeling sluggish today?

What you need, turkey, are up-tempo songs to work the stuffing off your thighs and wings.

Pork and Beans,” by Weezer
(Do what you wanna do. Except loosen your belt. Nobody wants that.)

Chasing Pirates,” by Norah Jones
(Change title to “Chasing Pilgrims” for cheap holiday chuckle.)

Countdown,” by Phoenix
(Christmas countdown is on. That means more fatty foods. Run faster!)

Rich Girl,” by Hall & Oates
(Losing those pounds is a bitch, girl.)

Sweet Dreams,” by Beyoncé
(If you can’t eat ’em, you may as well dream about ’em. Sweets, that is.)

The Weight of Her,” by Butch Walker
(It doesn’t really mean she’s fat. Still, it’s funny.)

Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” by Cake
(One more slice can’t hurt.)

Whole Lotta Losin’,” by Monsters of Folk
(Warning: another weight loss pun. Sorry, but you got a whole lotta losin’ to do.)

Queen of the Supermarket,” by Bruce Springsteen
(Nope, no one could tell your stuffing came from a box. No, siree.)

Never Forget You,” by Noisettes
(And we’ll never forget you, turkey. Thanks for the mammaries.)

Photo: xxstaceyxx / Flickr