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Photos: Jinxi Caddel / Flickr

Blizzards, blackouts, and delays loom in your future. Then it’s off to battle relatives for the last slice of pie. Crank up these tunes to get you into the spirit.

Walk Out That Door,” by The Ettes
(Skedaddle to airport to sit for undetermined amount of time.)

Bicycle,” by Memory Tapes
(Is it too cold for alternate forms of transportation?)

Terminally Chill,” by Neon Indian
(Or maybe it’s just this terminal.)

God Damned,” by Girls

The Hobo Girl,” by Fruit Bats
(If only your carry-on were a bindle.)

God Knows I Had Plans,” by The Mary Onettes
(Pray someone else gets bumped.)

Go Jetsetter,” by The Postmarks
(At least you have matching luggage.)

Fear of Flying,” by The Purrs
(a.k.a. Fear of Not Flying)

So Glad I’m Coming Home,” by Langhorne Slim
(Though the airport bar was nice.)

I Am Goodbye,” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy
(You’ve been waiting, so long.)

Photo: Jinxi Caddel / Flickr