Silver Lining

love your silver!

At 16, your hobbies included smoking, drinking and lying to your parents about where you spent Saturday night.

When Kerry September was that age, she was making jewellery. (How sweet.)

Over time, the British designer perfected her craft. Earlier this year she launched Love Your Silver — a beautifully hand-finished collection of bracelets, rings, and long and short necklaces made from sterling silver.

Inspired by her ’70s childhood, the collection includes playful, retro charms — mermaids, stars, gingerbread men, dice, hearts, roller skates, angels and strawberries. If you want to get personal, you can customize a charm bracelet from Murano glass beads and trinkets.

Who said innocence is lost forever?

Available online at lyslondon.com.

Photo: Rafael Stahlin / Courtesy of Love Your Silver