Red Thumb, Red Thumb

california carnivores!
Photos: Courtesy of California Carnivores

You relish a good crime drama, but even the sight of a dead mouse induces dry heaves.

Get your morbid fix without the unpleasant side effects with a killer, bug-thirsty plant.

California Carnivores, a Sonoma County-based nursery, cultivates plants that thrive on creepy crawlers. We’ve taken a shining to Venus flytraps, bladderworts, sundews, and butterworts. The wicked selection can be overwhelming, but the mini windowsill collection is a good place to start.

The sinister flora arrives in a heavy-duty pot in a mixture of soil, sand, and moss. Guaranteed alive upon delivery, each comes with a growing and cultivation tip sheet. All that’s missing is a steady diet of victims.

And plenty of criminal intent.

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Photo: Courtesy of California Carnivores