Go Green or Go Home

Heal the world through thoughtful gifts.

elva fields!
Fields of Dreams
What can you do with a sentimental heart? Melt it with a piece from Elva Fields, a line of jewelry that repurposes vintage materials and family heirlooms (from $168).

ian saude scarf!
Wrap Artist
Get cozy in cashmere scarves ($295) shorn from free-range goats in Mongolia and hand-loomed in Nepal. Rest assured: They cause no harm to the animals.
letters lubell!
Take Notes
Notes from Letters Lubell are scandal free. Stationery, cards, and notebooks are printed on cotton and recycled paper with soy ink ($7-$16). The result is beauteous.
priscilla woolworth!
Go Compostal
It’s time to talk trash. This stainless steel, one-gallon compost pail makes your waste look hot ($42). Charcoal filters mean you won’t smell rotten tomatoes.
sort of coal!
A Lump of Coal
Is actually a treat when it’s Sort of Coal ($25-$130). Plucked from forests in Japan and Korea, the white charcoal used in the modern products naturally purifies water and air.

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