Tune Up

renne & jeremy c'mon!

Beep beep! All aboard, munchkins!

This is your minivan entertainment director, Captain Noogie. We’ve got a packed carpool today, so fasten your safety harnesses, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

For your listening pleasure, we’ll be blasting Renee & Jeremy’s just-released C’mon. Even parents can’t get enough of the L.A. duo’s alterna-pop layered with guitar, drum machine, and joyful vocals.

Kicking things off: “Share,” a bubbly ode to giving. Go ahead and clap your hands. Get down with that singer-songwriter groove.

Now let’s slow things down with the dreamy “BFF.” Like a lullaby on a summer night, isn’t it? We’ll round our final bend with the all-out dance riot “Do Do Do Do.” That’s right. Feel it.

Is that finger snapping in row two? And air guitar?

Strum, baby, strum!

Available online at reneeandjeremy.com.

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Photos: Courtesy of Renee & Jeremy; Courtesy of Oompa