Fashion Flock

the north circular!

Recently you’ve been green with envy (you’re still waiting — and waiting — for a Louboutin sample sale invite). And a little green around the gills (an eighth shot of Patrón? Really?).

This winter, try a more flattering shade of green with The North Circular ecofriendly knitwear collection.

Founded by model Lily Cole and her ecoglamorous mates, The North Circular rescues rare Wensleydale Longwool sheep and grazes them peacefully on organic land in Yorkshire, where their lustrous wool is then turned into snug accessories by a team of knitting grannies. (No, no, it doesn’t get any more precious.)

Designs include quirky bobble hats, chunky snoods and cable-knit leg warmers. Pieces are made to order and come with recycled tags indicating how many sheep have been saved to date.

So you can go to sleep at night with an easy conscience.

Let someone else count sheep.

Available online at thenorthcircular.com.

Photo: Courtesy of The North Circular