Alter Eco

nube mercantile!

Just busing your table turns you green with guilt. (Is your napkin compostable or recyclable? Did anyone see you throw that away?)

Relax. Then visit Nube. Owner, art collector, and co-founder of Western Bridge, Ruth True makes a case for the beauty and logic of going easy on the environment.

The mercantile carries only goods that are recycled, sustainable, and haven’t crossed an ocean. Shop furniture and vases by Cardboard Design, Dryads Dancing tables and frames, Kate clothing, Graypants lights, Green 3 pillows and throws, Native Organic bed linens, and more in the rustic and renovated space with soaring windows and sliding reclaimed doors.

No hard-core proselytizer, True just wants to do away with the idea that conscious living’s a bore.

And other such rubbish.

Nube Green, 921 East Pine Street (206-402-4515 or nubegreen.com).

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921 E Pine St
@ 10th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122