Cheap Tricks

Just call us Secret Santa.

bunny market tote!
Some Bunny Special
Leave it to the Japanese to make a market tote this adorable ($30). When not carrying organic produce, it turns into a silly rabbit.
fetch chocolates!
Choc and Awe
Fetch’s Frenchie chocolates are, well, fetching ($28). The almost-too-pretty-to-eat treats will melt the mouths and hearts of dog lovers. And that’s no bull(dog).
charles & marie!
Finger-Lickin’ Good
There’s nothing better than the real thing. Except these silicone meringue rings ($22). The architectural adornments will bring joy to bakers and sweet tooths.
Titos VodkaHey There, Big Shot
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Made by Tito Beveridge (seriously) in Austin, TX, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is crafted in a traditional copper pot and microdistilled six times ($25). Tito will even create a hand-signed custom bottle label for the holidays.
animal hands!Animal Instincts
Héctor Serrano’s temporary tattoos provide endless fun for kids (puppet shows!) and grown-ups (use your imagination!) alike ($8).
sticker frames!Stick Up
Commitment-phobes can deck the halls with photos in sleek sticker frames ($20). Modern, decorative, and reusable, they won’t harm the walls.

crayon rocks!
Get Your Rocks Off
Coloring can be better than therapy (and cheaper, too), especially with soy crayons made right here in the USA ($5-$27). The artsy stone shapes add to the appeal.
tiffany cards!
Get Carded
Winner takes all with a deck of cards from Tiffany & Co. ($30). Gather some sharks and make the stakes high. Then put on your best poker face.
the pencil factory!
Factory Girls and Boys
A few bucks gets you one poster zine, which consists of fifteen works of art on newsprint by artists who formed a neat collaboration called The Pencil Factory ($10).
stripe travel set!
Lucky Stripe
Arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed from the red-eye with J. Crew’s chic travel pillow and eye mask made out of soft cotton jersey ($30). A sure bet for the jet set.

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