Stuffed Love

shidonni drawing!
Photos: Courtesy of Shidonni

Your little gift hound hoped to score big. Instead, everything he unwrapped (gee, thanks for the itchy sweater, Aunt Georgie) made him cry foul.

Try a new game plan with Shidonni One-of-a-Kind toys, plush creations that kids design themselves. The company’s website is half cyber sketchpad, half gaming zone. Newly expanded, it allows tots to “draw” creatures and have them made into cuddly fleece toys.

The process is simple: Set up an account (it’s free) and help your child with the various online artistic tools. Place an order and in one to two weeks, the finished product will arrive. No creation is too outlandish (they’ve seen it all — even purple-winged strawberries).

Bonus points: Your kid’s critter can become a wacky animated character controlled on the site.

What a slam dunk.

Available online at shidonni.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Shidonni