Rocking Station

the hipwaders!

They love Elmo’s Greatest Hits. You love Hall & Oates (in a purely ironic way, of course).

Find a harmonious medium with this hand-picked holiday playlist from Jitterbug, an online source of indie tunes that all generations agree on.

“Wake Up,” by The Hipwaders
(So peppy, it’s alarming.)

“Trim the Tree,” by Brady Rymer
(You’ve already decked the halls.)

“Make Santa Happy,” by Didi Pop
(Slap a wet one on him, Mommy.)

“Fa and a La,” by Gustafer Yellowgold
(And a sis-kum-bah.)

“Holidays,” by Princess Katie & Racer Steve
(It’s time to come together.)

“December Nights,” by Rock Daddy Rock
(A stone-cold jam.)

“Hanukkah All Over the World,” by David Tobocman
(Will have you twirling faster than a dreidel on ice.)

Listen now before you go-go.

Available online at jitterbug.tv. Secret Santa: The merry folks at Jitterbug have arranged with the artists to make these tracks available for free download through January 17.

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Photos: Courtesy of The Hipwaders; Courtesy of Nowali