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shiitake mushrooms!
Photos: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Neon Bunny: Duuuude, do you see the blue Jesus right outside the window?

Rainbow Pickle: He’s trying to break in and steal our harvest. Hide the fungi stash stat!

NB: Whoa, bro, he’s just trying to get a better look at our shiitake kit.

RP: Buns, you made these magic mushrooms with a kit? Order them all immediately!

NB: Simmer down, R. Pick. The shrooms we grew aren’t magical, just delicious. And the log will yield about one-third of a pound every two months for four years.

RP: Boooya!

NB: Can I leave you be and go put the log in its resting spot, so it can get rejuvenated?

RP: Yeah, sure. Hope the two of you have a very nice trip.

Available online at shiitakemushroomlog.com.

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Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures