Feet First

voet hosiery!

In one corner, weighing in at a blistery 18 degrees, we have Old Man Winter. In the other, looking slightly frigid, Bare Lady Toes.

Winter dominated the first round, forcing Toes into hiding. But it’s a tag team event: Voet Hosiery just entered the ring. A sexy take on peds, the lingerie keeps tootsies warm and toasty.

Besides defending against Winter’s sheer force, the accessories peep out from shoes, looking super cute. Styles include black lace with fuchsia flowers, lavender tiger stripes, hot pink mesh, and eggplant or white lace. All are wearable with open-toe footwear for warmth, ballet flats to prevent blisters, or low-cut shoes for some added jazz.

So they go toe-to-toe with the competition.

Available online at

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Photo: Courtesy of Voet Hosiery