Flat-Out Success

yosi samra!

Oh, what’s that? You want to slip into something more comfortable, Missy?

Ditch the butt floss, kick off the five-inch heels, and slide into Yosi Samra (ew, not like that).

We’re talking about an affordable line of ballet flats. There’s no cutting into your heels, rubbing blisters, breaking in period — just heaven for your feet. And yes, they look just as fetching as they feel. The material is thick enough that you won’t see the outline of your sausages.

Choose from metallic, leather, satin, and suede in a wide array of colors. They’re flexible enough to fold up into a handbag and sturdy enough for strolling the mean streets. Did we mention they only cost 50 bucks a pop?

Easy, breezy, beautiful … comfort girl.

Available online at

Photo: Courtesy of Yosi Samra