Mom's the Word


Motherhood: a Timeline

B.C.: Cave mama wields cattle-bone club and grunts.

Late 1800s: Ma Ingalls gets busy with her washboard.

1973: Carol Brady rocks a mullet.

2010: You visit Cmomgo.com, a website for networking and family scheduling.

The future looks bright with the new launch from three tech-savvy dads. Register as a member (it’s free) to get access to a slew of organizational and social applications. It’s as if Meetup had a lovechild with Facebook.

The concept revolves around “circles.” After you’ve created or joined (by invitation) a circle, you can post comments about issues, plan activities, and create photo galleries on private pages. Whether you need a group forum for your PTA, soccer team, or neighborhood association (hell, if you just want a place to rant about The Bachelor), the site keeps information flowing.

And your busy life goes down in history.

Available online at cmomgo.com.

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