Health of Knowledge

Well, here we go again, wellness.

Don’t Be a Pill
Whether it’s Prozac or penicillin, it’s important to take meds on time. Forgetful ones best invest in the Vitality GlowCap, a genius little invention that reminds you to make the medicine go down.

Work Your Kor
That dry winter radiator heat can leave you parched like a camel. But not if you carry around one of Kor’s new colored vessels. The sleek bottles make even water look fancy.

Go Halvsies
Can’t decide between kickboxing and yoga? Don’t have to. The cult Koga class (part kickboxing, part yoga) is now available on DVD, so you’ll be long and lean and seriously mean (not spirited, calm down).

Your feet are too small; one leg is shorter than the other. Excuses, excuses, Lazybones. Get a Power Balance wristband and watch your balance, strength, and flexibility (not to mention confidence) improve immediately.

You Are What You Eat
The Whole Grain Gourmet pot preserves the nutrition in food that other methods don’t. (Please don’t make us explain. We’re writers, not scientists.) What we can tell you is it whips up brown rice and steamed veggies to perfection.

And that’s all well and good.