Warm Welcome


In the material world, silk, cashmere, and cotton are the popular girls. And they’ve been picking on fleece for years.

But like most ugly ducklings, the outcast fabric grew up into a beautiful swan in the form of Plush Legwear.

Designer Jennifer Kim found a way to make fleece’s main strength (warmth) shine while keeping its mocked aesthetic under wraps. Tights, leggings, knee- and thigh-highs, hats, and arm warmers are all made of fleece-lined cotton, poly, or spandex, which means they are cozy, comfy, and stylish.

No, the fleece does not add inches to your thighs, miraculously, and they even braved a recent snowstorm brilliantly.

Scratchy wool tights be damned. Expensive pilling cashmere numbers? Enjoy the outcast.

A new queen has been crowned.

Available online at
singer22.com. For more information, go to plush-apparel.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Plush