Well, I Never

feel better in 2010!

Another new year, another set of unrealistic promises to yourself. (We can see you’ve already broken the BlackBerry-at-inappropriate-moments ban.)

This year, we’re encouraging you to start just as you mean to go on.

Eat as Much as You Like
Join Soup Club to have fresh, seasonal, low-fat vegetable soups delivered (to home or office), and snack all you like between meals on Gourmet Raw treats. If eating out is more your thing, Macrobioticafe (71 Regent’s Park Road, NW1 8UY; 020 7722 3870) serves high-energy and healthy meals.

Get High
On endorphins, that is, in the 1980s aerobics class at Egoist Body Studios (6 Fitzroy Square, W1T 5DX; 07850 927523). Too embarrassing? Buy Ministry of Sound’s The Ultimate Workout: Pump It Up, Burn It, Lose It DVD and make a fool of yourself at home instead.

Indulge in Extreme Behaviour
Flush it all out with SoCal’s 30-day cleanse or retox and detox with Purifyne’s total body and mind cleansing programme.

Be Holier Than Everyone
Work on your mental and physical health at a Sivananda yoga class. Then celebrate your newfound calm with a cup of Jing tea.

Whoever said resolutions are boring?

To well with them.

Photo: tony stanley / Flickr