Unisex Ed

odin new york!

Dear CK One,

We’ve had a great run. I was instantly smitten with your unisex sensibility when the tenth-grade BF and I bought matching bottles.

But that was long ago. I’ve found a new obsession: Odin New York’s three irresistible boy- and girl-friendly eau de toilettes.

There’s lush, seductive 01 Nomad; Mandarin- and grapefruit-laced 02 Owari; and earthy, musky 03 Century. Each amber-colored liquid tips the hat to a classic fragrance tradition (Oriental, citrus, and chypres, to be exact).

Odin’s utterly seductive, slide-top black packaging — designed to look like old-fashioned collectible books — make them all the more lust worthy. So much so that I even bought one for my new beau.

Sorry, but they’re my new one and only.

For eternity.

Available at Carrots, 843 Montgomery Street, at Jackson Street (415-834-9040 or sfcarrots.com); online at odinedt.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Odin New York

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