Northern Exposure

la fee verte!
Photos: Courtesy of La Fee Verte

If 2009 taught you anything, it’s that no matter how much you love a cute Canadian export in the beginning, you’ll grow tired of it in the end (that’s you, Jillian Harris).

But here’s something from up north that’s bound to stick: La Fée Verte lingerie.

Based in Montreal, the modern selection of bras, panties, bustiers, and sleepwear comes in psychedelic colorways and fun silhouettes. And though it’s made from environmentally friendly fabrics like bamboo, these undies are 100 percent sass.

Shake up the business day in a naughty pink and purple lace bra-and-panty set. Take happy hour to extremes in the tough-looking black and chartreuse bustier. The nightie with the funkadelic mushroom print looks great in a heap on the floor.

And that’s what it’s all a-boot.

Available online at catrionamackechnie.com or myfinelingerie.com. To see styles, go to lafeeverte.com.

Photo: Courtesy of La Fée Verte