Too Cool for Drool

roarke new york!
Photos: Courtesy of Roarke New York

It’s only socially acceptable to wear bibs if you’re a baby or dining at Red Lobster. (There’s a seafood lover in you.)

But thanks to Roarke New York, respectable grown-ups can rock them now, too. The new line of to-die-for jewelry consists of bib necklaces, cuffs, ties, and headbands — all hand-beaded in India.

Each piece is made to order (takes two to three weeks). You choose the fabric background (mesh, chiffon), color (nude, gray, navy, emerald, hot pink, saffron, black, turquoise, leopard), and beads (light, dark, Aztec, studs). The necklaces snap in the back, and you can attach extensions (they double as bracelets) for a totally different look.

The delicate stunners are fragile but so well made that you need not worry about shedding beads while wearing them. And at $395, the bibs make a dent in your wallet, but it’s one worth the oohs and aahs they elicit.

Just make sure oglers keep their claws to themselves.

Available online at
roarkenyc.com. To see them up close and personal, check out the gallery.

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