Be Mine

Gimme some sugar, Sugar.

lulu dk!
Pillow Talk
Leave it to Lulu deKwiatkowski to create a romantic nest upon which to rest your head in the form of fancy-pants pillows scripted with the word love ($175).
cc skye!
Crazy Love
It’s the perfect time to up and put a ring on it. This playful dazzler ($125) will tell her how much she means to you without making the statement.
heirloom love letter!
Modern Classics
Beekman 1802 hand-prints your sentiments of 140 characters or less on hand-quilted heirloom note cards ($30), making the perfect love letter keepsake.
eco otome!
S#*t happens. But he doesn’t need to know about it. A toilet sound blocker ($19) could do more for a relationship than a sparkly bauble.
Treat Street
Sure, liquor is quicker. But candy is always dandy. Especially if it comes from old-schooler Hammond’s Candies, whose treats ($6-$23) are as pretty as they are delicious.

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