Felt Up

fiat luxe!
Photos: Courtesy of Fiat Luxe

The last time you lathered up with a hirsute showering buddy, you felt far from clean.

Wash away that lingering grossness with a new fuzzy friend: Fiat Luxe’s felted soap.

Wrapped in naturally antifungal wool, the fragrant bathing beauties act as cleansing agent and washcloth in one.

Energize with hand-grated amber resin from India, soothe skin with the vibrant calendula citrus blend, or refresh your senses with lavender buds.

As you scrub, the felt magically shrinks along with the soap, reshaping the miniature works of art. Once you’ve whittled your way down, simply slit the colorful casing and insert a new bar.

The result?

Sudsy balls you can’t wait to get your hands on.

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Photo: Courtesy of Fiat Luxe