Mash Up


One time, you lived in a high-rise with Robbie Weiner and your seven kids. And you drove a hearse. (Those were dark days.)

Thankfully, there’s no risk when you play Mash with Kelsey Witte, designer of the line of crazy, cool leggings.

Inspired by many things (M.I.A.’s music, circus parades along the Mississippi, and Russian cigarettes, to name a few), Witte crafts the legwear out of fabrics she loves with her whole heart. Once she runs out, she finds another. Always having five options up for grabs, she keeps the prints somewhat outrageous but never ridiculous (her words, not ours).

Right now, choose from shimmery gold stripes, bright flowers, shiny black, bright yellow with black abstract, and a red and black cosmic motif.

Just the kind of thing you’ll want to wear around your mansion/apartment/shack/house.

Available online at

Photo: Courtesy of Mash