Write On, Wanderer

paris par nuit!

Hi bunny!

Paris rocks. Dinners at Itinéraires, late nights at Curio Parlor, crashing at glam Park Hyatt. For someone who’s not working or meeting with clients or going to the gym, I sure am busy.

So busy there’s no time to buy postcards or find stamps. Which is why I’m sending this postcard from my BlackBerry. Cool, right? (I took this photo crossing the Louvre last night.)

I’m using HazelMail, an app (yeah, another damn app) that turns my photos into postcards. I choose a pic, add a background and border, pick a font, write the message, et voila: a real live postcard delivered to your door. Works for iPhones, too.

It costs a few bucks, but HazelMail has cheaper bundle rates. And it’s worth it — so much more personal than a crap tourist shot of the Eiffel Tower. And no mad scramble at the airport to find a postbox.

All to tell you how much I wish you were here.

Available online at hazelmail.com.

Going somewhere? Not without stopping by the Travel Desk first, you’re not. Available online at blacktomato.co.uk.  

And did someone say sales? To London, Belize, and Bali? Why, yes! Someone said DailyCandy’s Winter Travel Sales, to be precise.