A Dress: the Problem

joanna august!
Photos: Courtesy of Tyler Parker

You asked your spirit animal to pick your wedding date, requested your ice be made from deionized water, and begged your florist to arrange all blooms facing east.

Hey, no one said you had to be rational to get married.

Luckily, Joanna August is. Her new wedding gown collection includes classic and modern stunners that can be fashioned to your specifications (hue, lining, length), with prices starting under a grand.

And seeing as the line was born from August’s need to solve her own bridesmaid dress dilemmas, she’s got your ladies covered, too. Viable options include one-shouldered Jae; flattering-forever Tara; and Claire, which gets our vote for most likely to be worn again — all available in nearly 100 gorgeous colors.

So feel free to go nuts.

Available online at joannaaugust.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Tyler Parker

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