Vadge of Honor

stript wax bar!

Your Vagina’s Monologue

You think you’re so hot, don’t you, Face?

I get assaulted by wax, razors, and stinky depilatories while you get big-bucks creams and ooh-la-la pampering.

Thanks to Stript Wax Bar’s Vajacial, my day has finally come. The new four-step treatment makes me smooth and beautiful after a wax. (It’s best to go within a week.)

First comes an antibacterial body wash and toner. Then, enzyme-rich exfoliating gel soothes irritated skin. After ingrown hairs are gently extracted, the aesthetician whips up one of three custom masks (antifreckle, antiacne, or calming) and finishes with a lightening cream.

Unlike a traditional facial, the Vajacial takes only about 50 minutes. So, take that.

In your face.

Available at Stript Wax Bar, 1764 Union Street, between Gough and Octavia Streets (415-771-6419 or
stripwaxbar.com). Mention DailyCandy when booking today and get a 25 percent discount.

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Photo: Courtesy of Stript Wax Bar

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