Life Swap

luxe home swap!

A Hollywood movie, starring you.

After a terrible night, a heart-wrenching breakup and far too much alcohol, you turn on your computer. Sobbing into a cup of tea, you check your e-mail.

The camera zooms in on the words luxury home swap. You dry your tears, register online for a £99 fee, and upload pictures of your home. Quicker than you can say “Jude Law”, you find someone you want to swap with, contact them via secure messaging and agree on the details.

Cut to a montage of you taking a much-needed break from your life by swapping your smart London flat or cozy country cottage for a riad in Marrakech, chic apartment in Paris or beachfront Jamaican villa.

Too good to be true?

They’re just keeping it reel.

Available online at luxehomeswap.com.

Photo: carina10 / Flickr