Fo Basel, Bedazzle!

hansel from basel!

Ho-hum hosiery bringing you down? Our Lady of the Legwear, Hannah Byun (Hansel from Basel), has a quick fix. 

Embellished Tights

You’ll need:
Black or nude 70 denier nylon tights (these work best!)
Sequins and beads
Hot glue gun
Thin cardboard insert or poster board to put inside the tights as you work

1. Cut the insert or poster board into a rounded rectangle to fit into the tights. This prevents the hot glue from sticking the tights together.

2. Lay out sequins in your preferred pattern.

3. Dot hot glue onto the center of each sequin, then place gently on tights.

4. Loosen the cardboard off the embellishments once the glue dries.

5. Pull that pair of pantyhose on!


Photo: Courtesy of Hasel from Basel