Udderly Fantastic

milkstars nursing t-shirts!

Your milk shake used to bring all the boys to the yard. Now your postbaby jiggly bits have the neighborhood running scared every time baby cries for milk.

Reclaim your territory with Milkstars nursing tops, which combine the best of the tees you love (super-soft cotton-rayon, great styles and fit) with the functionality you need.

Hidden underneath each tee is a full-length panel with two cutouts (translation: no muffin-top mishaps, no nursing tank). When it’s time to feed or pump, just lift the top layer, undo your nursing bra, and lactate. Need extra privacy? Use the outer layer to cover baby’s head.

Bright colors (magenta, green, blue) camouflage bra bulge just as well as black. Deep vee and scoop necklines pull the focus back to where it should be.

Your killer four-inch cleavage.

Available online at milkstars.com.

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Photos: Courtesy of Milkstars; Courtesy of Kidorable