Office Space

cardboard furniture!

Forget performance reviews. Everyone knows your career is assessed by the size and position of your desk. So what if your office furniture is flat packed and made of cardboard?

Don’t start printing business cards yet. Unless yours consists of a strong, light and fully functional Paperweight desk made of sleek white corrugated board by new ecofriendly British company Cardboard Future.

It’s easy to assemble (the company estimates five minutes; we give you ten) and doesn’t require tools. A glossy white finish makes it water resistant (but feel free to customize with scribble). A pedestal drawer unit and bookshelves are coming, as is a full bedroom range with wardrobe, bed and tables.

As for your job? This time the writing isn’t on the wall.

It’s on the desk.

Available online at
nigelsecostore.com. For more information, go to cardboardfuture.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Cardboard Future