A Clean Sleep

nook sleep systems!

You are getting very, very sleepy.

Unfortunately, the snorting, grunting nursling in the bassinet next to you will have none of it.

Time to move baby to a nook of his own — a Nook Sleep System. The new, ecofriendly collection includes sheets, sleep sacks, pillows, and blankets, but the pièce de résistance is the Pebble crib mattress.

The eye-catching mattress’s natural latex core allows air to flow through for increased breathability while supporting baby without metal springs or plastic. A layer of organic wool helps draw heat away from the little snoozer, and a eucalyptus cover infused with zinc regulates temperature and moisture, all while keeping bacteria, dust mites, and mold at bay.

No need to use sheets or mattress pads, the pebble wrap acts as both, making middle-of-the-night accidents a breeze to clean up (just wipe with a wet or dry towel, depending on the culprit).

We know, it’s beyond your wildest dreams.

Available online at nooksleep.com. Order now for mid-April delivery.

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Photos: Courtesy of Nook Sleep Systems; Courtesy of Toobydoo