The Weekend Guide

hansel from basel!

It’s K-Fed’s birthday weekend. Knock it up.

Hansel from Basel

What: The stocking wunderkind just dropped its sprightly spring collection. That, plus 30 percent off all existing merch with code dailycandy30.
Why: Hansel …  so hot right now … Hansel.
Where: Online at hanselfrombasel.com.

Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies

What: Dense, buttery, salty — the best thing you’ve put in your mouth this year.
Why: Your diet won’t break up with you if you cheat.
Where: Online at brownbuttercookies.com.

Hello Rewind Laptop Clothing

What: Your old shirt turns over a new leaf as a rad, padded cover for your comp.
Why: Each order helps provide jobs for sex-trafficking survivors via Restore NYC.
Where: Online at hellorewind.com.

L.L.Bean Signature Collection

What: Proper, closely tailored revamps of the preppy classics. Gold stars for the madras sundress, leather purses, and twill jacket.
Why: It’s always been yah Maine squeeze.
Where: Online at llbeansignature.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Hansel from Basel