Buried Treasures

Photos: John Leita

You’ve mastered the slopes and toured the French countryside. Hell, you’ve even done it on a jumbo jet. But explore your own backyard? Not since you were 8.

Take the road less traveled (and right around the corner) to undiscovered hometown glories this Saturday as part of the first annual International Obscura Day, a global celebration of the curious, the wondrous, the overlooked, and the under visited organized by the folks at Atlas Obscura.

Pound hammers and wrenches at a synchronized ringing rocks concert in Butte or Bucks County. Learn to craft hikaru dorodango (a.k.a. shiny mud balls) in Albuquerque. Or wander the legendary, medieval Poison Garden in Alnwick — for little to no cost.

Think you can top man-made wreaths at Leila’s Hair Museum in Independence? There’s still time to create your own eccentric expedition.   

It’s a wacky world.

You’re just living in it.

To find events in your hometown, go to obscuraday.com. To suggest or plan your own local adventure, e-mail info@atlasobscura.com.

Photo: John Leita