Good Question

skinnyscoop online community!

To be or not to be may be the question for Hamlet, but you’ve got a few others.

How will you sleep train number two without waking number one? What’s the going rate for the tooth fairy? IUD or NuvaRing?

Get answers to such questions at The SkinnyScoop, an online polling community for moms, where topics range from breast-feeding and babysitting to fun with sex and Spanx. No query is taboo. You can also post questions, anonymously or not. The site breaks down the results geographically and generates a graph you can e-mail around to gather moral support.

So when you worry that your new mommy friend at the park never lets her toddler watch TV, you can find comfort in the fact that 73 percent of moms do.

Ah, the lady doth protest too much.

Available online at skinnyscoop.com.

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