Solicit Online Fashion Advice for Your Wardrobe

Is Your Outfit Hot or Not?

go try it on!

There is no getting around the fact that tights are not pants. If you beg to differ, get acquainted with Go Try It On, a new site that gives honest feedback on whether the outfit you’re coordinating is hot — or a hot mess.

The process is simple: Sign up for an account, upload photos of you in a questionable getup, provide info (occasion, why you’re on the fence), and solicit advice from the community.

Recent brave souls include a mom wondering if she can get away with wearing her daughter’s pants (“no”), a twentysomething trying to style her granny’s vintage sweater (“unbutton the top two buttons and wear a black bra to sass it up”), and a large-chested gal getting ready for a first date (“this shirt says it’s been too long and you need someone, anyone, to take you home right now”).

In the next few weeks, the site is rolling out technology that’ll enable users to bundle several wardrobe options into a single posting. In the planning stages: an app that will give you an instant response while you’re in the dressing room. Saves money, prevents discomfort — bingo.

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Photo: Gaye Gerard / Getty Images