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It started as a fun pastime: sitting on the couch with your laptop, noodling around in eBayland. Now, as your fatigued credit card can attest, you are a leeetle too familiar with the phrase “top-rated seller.”

Fortunately, there’s ReFashioner, a new curated online designer swap meet.

Here’s how it works: Wrangle an invite (see below), create a virtual closet, and upload photos of the pieces you’re willing to part with.

ReFashioner either accepts or rejects your wears and prices the keepers. Once you accept the prices, you get half the value in site dollars to spend. (It acts like a normal e-tailer, except no actual money changes hand.) When something sells, the buyer pays the site a $5 fee, and you receive a shipping label. When the transaction is complete, you get the remaining value of the goods to spend at ReFashioner.

You have the option to be as interactive (social functions, extended profiles) or anonymous as you like. And DailyCandy readers get first dibs on membership. The clock is ticking.

Available online at refashioner.com. To apply for membership, e-mail membership@refashioner.com with DailyCandy in the subject line and answer/comment on the following:
1. Describe yourself in one sentence.
2. Who are your three favorite designers?
3. What are the first three pieces you’d upload to ReFashioner?

Photo: Jemal Countess / Getty Images 

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