A Peace Treaty Launches First Jewelry Collection

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a peace treaty jewelry!
Photos: Courtesy of A Peace Treaty

You’ve got enough ikat to open your own bazaar, and you already own a turban. Still, something’s missing from your ethnic-influenced spring wardrobe.

How about a few amulets from A Peace Treaty’s first jewelry collection? The geometric gold-plated earrings, pendants, rings, and necklaces are not only very cool, they’re inspired by nomadic tribes of Afghanistan and made by Kurdish artisans.

Though it may seem like they come from another time, any of the twelve pieces can be made to order in 30 days or less. Standouts include the set of three triangle rings that look equally as cool stacked or worn on separate fingers and the thin hoops with hanging charms, but every single creation strikes a perfect balance between tough and elegant.

Available online at
apeacetreaty.com, $120-$280.

While you wait for your purchase to arrive, go where nomads have gone before and fashion your own A Peace Treaty scarf/necklace by following these easy step-by-step instructions.

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Photos: Courtesy of A Peace Treaty