Avant-Garde Handcrafted Jewelry by Armor

Metal Jewelry for Your Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

armor jewelry!

You’ve tried gun-part pendants, spiked necklaces, and knuckle rings. Yet somehow, you still don’t feel sufficiently badass.

Armor Jewelry, Sandee Shin’s new line, might get you there. Inspired by battle wear, Shin’s collection is high fashion but wearable (and not just by edgy types).

Taking adornment beyond wrists, necks, and lobes, the line’s artful draping gives most pieces a sense of delicate effortlessness. Cavea, a three-quarter-sleeve shoulder piece, complements a simple strapless dress beautifully. Our favorite is Ume, a body chain that goes around the neck and under one arm, perfect for an asymmetrical top.

Each accessory is made to order by Shin in her New York studio, mesmerizingly fluid, and surprisingly comfortable — making being badass much simpler than you thought.

Available online at armorjewelry.com, $80-$460.

Photo: Courtesy of Armor Jewelry